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We will be recruiting franchise owners who have the talent and capital that positions them for success with your model.

The capital part is straightforward to calculate since it based on the franchise investment.

For the talent part it is dependent on the complexities of operating your business, your training, onboarding & support programs and matching the candidate’s attitude and experience.

Using your data and ours together we will create prospective buyer profiles to franchise recruitment.

To get broker referral sales franchisors need to develop & nurture individual broker relationships and select the ones who are good at finding potential candidates who meet or exceed your talent and capital requirements.

We will work with both independent brokers and those in the various networks as part of the franchising strategy we develop with you.

Yes, you need an Item 19 FPR in your FDD.

Smart & qualified franchisees who want to know how much money they can make to a competitor who has their Item 19 FPR front & center in their marketing which you will not be able to compete with.

For franchisors who do not have an Item 19 FPR we will help you get one that is compliant and confidently answers franchise candidate return on investment questions.

We work on an exclusive retained relationship with you.

Our retainer and success fee commission are based on your franchise model, total investment, target candidates you want to recruit, whether you are teachable and how easy you are to work with.

An experienced Chief Development Officer – CDO is reassuringly expensive, yet surprisingly affordable — if you can budget and manage your time.

You want to out-recruit your competition for operationally talented and financially qualified franchisees to exceed historic franchise system growth statistics.

If you look at the results for the 4033 franchises offered for sale in North America that tell us 34.2% (1378) of franchisors have 5 or fewer units, 51.6% (2081) of franchisors have 20 or fewer units, 66.9% (2698) of franchisors have 50 or fewer units and 76.5% (3085) of franchisors have 100 or fewer units as reported in Rob Bond’s Franchisor Database Breakdown in 2016 you can see that you need our competitive advantage to beat these numbers and win out over all those other franchisors who after your franchise prospects.

Any other questions, ask Joe for an appointment text/phone 502.396.9204.

There are two kinds of places to look – the people that know you and what your business does already and the people who do not know about your franchise yet.

We use our skills and reach with outbound & inbound marketing in combination with brand awareness building and strategically distributed PR to recruit from both of these audiences.

The answer to this is almost always you have checklist of franchise steps with no underlying process that guides the franchise candidate to a franchise investment or directs the franchise sales team in their qualifying and advancing of candidates to a successful sale.

We will build a franchise sales process specific to your franchise and your target audience that works and keep refining it with you so it just gets better and better.

Yes we can do that.

Our process is collaborative and that is the best way since franchise candidates will need to talk with the founder of the franchise and key people at the franchisor before they are comfortable buying into your program so when we create your franchise sales process we define & teach who does what, why and how.

We can start almost immediately after a review of your Franchise Disclosure Document – FDD, discussions with you about your current marketing, lead pipeline and creation of a scope work which takes 45 days to complete with everyone working together toward that objective..

I have more than 30 years of combined hands on franchising experience in franchise sales & development, real estate/site selection, construction/build outs and franchise sales legal compliance in the US, CA and around the globe.

I have been an executive and officer at Gloria Jean’s/Diedrich Coffee, Hardee’s & Carl’s Jr., Mrs. Fields, Great American Cookie, Pretzel Time/Pretzelmaker, Kiddie Academy, LoveSac Alternative Furniture and Checkcare.

My partner, Mike Webster, is a former franchise attorney with a PhD – Economics and MA – Psychology with a keen understanding of compliance, expert in LInkedIn SEO, franchise negotiation training & selling, persuasion exercises, game theory, critical thinking and Mike knows how people buy and the best techniques to sell.

There are million little things in franchising to manage and Joe & Mike can handle just about anything.

Stop missing out on getting quality franchise sales with the right people and start making the important strategic development & growth decisions for your concept to scale to an enterprise level franchise system.

Get with Joe for an appointment text/phone 502.396.9204.

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